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Travelbug Teardrop Campers

Escape Pod Longreach

The Escape Pod Longreach teardrop style camper is our flagship model, all the best features from all our Escape Pod campers is packaged into this awesome unit. Queen-size bed internal cupboards/storage, big side doors and windows, full functioning rear galley with fridge section. The best teardrop design we have ever built.

Price: $ 12,900.00

Escape Pod ECO

The Escape pod ECO is the Longreach’s little cousin. This camper is designed for the smaller car folk but still packs a big punch with a queen size bed area, generous kitchen layout, doors & windows both sides, insulated design, comfort all the way. Built Aussie tough with quality components. Works well with optional Awning & room.

Price: $ 11,900.00

Escape Pod DUO

The DUO Teardrop style camper takes you back to basics. Easy to use basic adventurous camping, this camper is a no frills design with side door, two side opening windows, carpeted interior, queen size bed area and a multi use rear kitchen galley with two generous opening doors with space for a fridge/esky cooler & food essentials storage.

Price: $ 10,900.00

Escape Pod AdventureMan

Adventure awaits with the AdventureMan teardrop style camper. Aussie built tough rugged design. Purpose built for front bike rack, multi fit awning options, Large rear door reveals functional kitchen with cupboards, drawers and large fridge section. Queen size bed, inner storage and cupboards, USA doors and windows. Built for your outdoor getaway adventure.

Price: $ 12,900.00

Escape Pod Seeker

A new twist on teardrop camper design. This camper has a removable kitchen/fridge to reveal an open multi use trailer, suitable for moving, markets, equipment of many sorts but does not skimp on comfort, Queensize bed, TV options are still available. Two doors & windows, full size rear opening door makes this a true multi use camper. Two trailers for the price of one, Seek it out.

Price: $ 11,900.00

About Us

Put yourself in the picture!

Discover Australia again the fun way with your Travelbug Teardrop Camper. We are excited about the release of our new range of teardrop camper trailers. Our range of Escape Pod’s are the Longreach, ECO, DUO & Freestyler campers, all built on our tough galvanised Aussie made light off road chassis.

Our camper will fit the bill for many folk who'd like to get away for a couple of days but don't want to rough it in cold, drafty tents and the like. Ideal for travelling or holidaying in the great outdoors. Whether you're hunting, fishing, or just kicking back, you'll love your Teardrop Camper.

Latest News

Travelbug has now released a new camper design!

This new style of teardrop camper introduces to the Australian market - sharp aero dynamic lines, open roomy feel, coloured side windows and rear kitchen gallery at a base price of $11,900 inc. Unbelievable value . . .

New Napier tents available!

Travelbug now offers the range of quick set Napier tents that attach to our Escape Pod campers, giving more room and comfort to your camping experience . . .

Comfy Queensize Inner spring Mattress fits all.

Travelbug offers super comfortable innerspring mattresses in all our range of campers, "there's nothing like sleeping on a bed that's just like home" . . .