Frequently Asked Questions About Travelbug Teardrop Campers

Q. I am 6foot 4inch tall, will I fit into a Travelbug?

A. Yes, the mattress size for the Escape Pod 2700 is 2100 x 1500 and the size of the bed in the Escape Pod 2500 as well as the Hunter is 1900 x 1500.

Q. What do I need to tow a Travelbug?

A. The Travelbug can be towed by most mid-sized compact cars. The Travelbug can be easily towed by a vehicle 2 litre or more. Please check your vehicle manufacturer's towing guide for the exact towing capacity of your car.

Q. What quality can I expect in my Travelbug Camper?

A. Quality starts the moment you see a Travelbug. With solid timber body construction, powder coated chassis, and the liberal use of quality brand named components.

Q. What time does it take to set up a Travelbug?

A. Virtually no time at all! Once you find your camp site, you are good to go!

Q. How long will it take to build my Travelbug?

A. The quickest time it would take to receive a Travelbug Teardrop Camper is 8 weeks, once the 40% deposit is paid, but there could be a waiting list.

Q. Can my car charge the trailer battery as I drive?

A. Yes. If you choose the battery backup system option. Your car will need to be wired for this option.